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In this world, anyone can’t imagine their life without a phone in their pocket, purse, or hand. Phones are an essential device people need in their lives. However, like everything in this life, phones can have issues that can become problematic if not fixed quickly by a qualified phone repair center in Reno. 

At Houston We Have A Problem, we offer phone repair services. We can fix your phone in less than half an hour. You might encounter many options of businesses that offer these services in the city. However, we are not the same as the rest; we are the #1 phone repair center in Reno, NV.

How We Can Help You

Houston We Have A Problem is a locally owned business that can handle any issue your phone might have. Some issues we have helped with include:

- Broken screens 
- Water damage
- Phone camera issues
- Battery issues
- Changing batteries
- And much more!

If you have a phone of any brand, it’s not a problem for us. We provide our phone repair services to any phone brand. We have repaired iPhones, Androids, LG, and Samsung Galaxy. Any type of problem your phone might have, you can be 100% sure that we will fix it.

Why Us?

Are you still a little bit unsure if we are the best option for you? Don’t worry. You can trust us. Houston We Have A Problem is a local business. We help anybody and have been doing this for about seven years. We have experience handling different phone-related problems, and we have successfully fixed all of them.

Houston We Have A Problem - The Best Option for Your Phone

Many phone repair centers in the city will make you believe that they can repair your phone completely. Don’t believe in those lies. You always have to make sure the business you choose is trustworthy. Houston We Have A Problem is not a scam. We are the #1 trusted phone repair center in the city. 

If you are a Reno City resident or happen to be in the city and you want to find the best phone repair center, then you have just found out the best option for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know your phone issue!